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More X-Wing Releases in Outpost

Wave 10 has arrived for all X-wing players and collectors! Jump into the fray with 5 new models from across all Star Wars movies (except the dreaded prequels)!


The Force is strong with this new wave of expansions. From the original struggle against the Empire to the latest skirmishes with the First Order come five new ships to add to your collection: Sabine's TIE Fighter, the TIE Striker, U-wing, Upsilon Class Shuttle and Quadjumper.


Sabine's TIEIn the early days of the rebellion, as chronicled in the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, the resistance had to be creative in using the Empire's resources against them and nobody is more creative than Sabine Wren. When she got her hands on a genuine Imperial TIE she completely remodeled it in her own artistic fashion. Although somewhat short-lived, the bright yellow TIE left a lasting impression and can now be added to your fleet. It comes equipped with four unique ship cards and six upgrades, including a masterpiece title!


U-WingThose of you that have seen Rogue One might recognize this one. During the days depicted in 'Rogue One' and 'A New Hope' the rebels employed U-Wings to deploy troops on high-risk missions (such as our new heroine: Jyn Erso). You can add this excellent model, which comes with articulated wings, to your fleet already. With four ship cards and fourteen upgrades it's certainly a useful little ship. Just how useful we'll have to see when the new movie airs in December!


TIE StrikerFrom the same movie comes an Imperial counterpart: The TIE Striker. Designed as an atmospheric intercept and destroy vehicle it will prove an excellent counter to the Rebels' U-wings. Like the U-wing it has articulated wings (because those were considered 'cool' back then) and comes with six ship cards and three upgrades.


Upsilon Class ShuttleFrom the Force Awakens comes Kylo Ren's imposing shuttlecraft, the Upsilon-class shuttle. With its large wings this ship looks more like a predator than anything else and it has the shields and firepower to match. It boasts no less than fifteen upgrades and has the 'Darth Vader'-wannabe Kylo Ren on board.


QuadjumperLastly we have the Quadjumper, you know the ship the First Order blew up and then Rey and Finn had to take the 'garbage'? Apparently Rey had a point when she wanted to pick it as it comes with four Scum pilots and eight upgrades. So you can upgrade it with as many illicit technologies and unsavory crew as you like. Just don't get it blown up by the First Order ....


All this goodness is now available on our webshop or in our physical stores.